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About 4 Seasons Pest Services Newcastle – Newcastle Pest Control and Inspection

4 Seasons Pest Services Pty Ltd

4 Seasons Pest Services Newcastle Pest Control and Newcastle Pest Inspection

4 Seasons Pest Services is a long standing & successful pest control business in the Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie & Hunter Valley areas and has been providing Newcastle based pest control and pest inspection since 1999.

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime, so its important get the right advice, we are experts in pre-purchase pest inspection reports, you want confidence that the pre-purchase pest inspection will be accurate, concise, informative and most importantly understandable, so the advice of a pest inspector could be all that prevents you from buying a home that is severely damage or it could protect your home from thousands of dollars due to termite damage. With our recent addition of a GoPro camera, we are not only able to provide you with photographic evidence but also unique videographic evidence as seen in our SprayCam video on request.

You can be assured that by using 4 Seasons Pest Services you are using the best, we have infrared termite detection technology, which is essential in a pest inspection, as it can locate live termite infestations in areas physically inaccessible. We also have boroscope and moisture meters for that extra support during an inspection.

4 Seasons pest services can take care of any of your pest problems, ranging from cockroaches, ants, spiders to rodents, termites and borers, and everything in-between, 4 Seasons can do maintenance termite inspections on your home, giving you advice on ways you can reduce the likelihood of getting termites. Should your property have borers in the flooring, 4 seasons can take care of it, possibly saving you having to replace your flooring in the future. 4 seasons treat domestic, commercial, and industrial properties.

When treating your cockroaches, we comprehensively treat your roof void and subfloor because these are key breeding areas, and if not treated properly you’ll never really get control, further to that the internals of kitchens, laundry’s, bathrooms, garage, sheds and lockers, and behind, heavy furniture, fridges and washing machines etc are all treated.

All treatments are backed by 4 Seasons warranties