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Pest Control Services

Pest control inside your Newcastle home

The main areas to treat for cockroaches are skirting boards, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s, behind furniture, stored items, such as garages, lawn lockers, sheds etc. but most importantly up in the roof void and under the dwelling, where possible, the chemicals we use are safe but effective.

Infrared thermometer camera

Pest control in the timbers of your home

Most houses have timber frames and structural timber beams, flooring and wall cavities. Many older homes will have timber cladding, masonite wall sheeting even timber piers. Much of this timber makes a delicious treat for termites who go for soft, moist, easy to access timber that they can fly or dig to. We can inspect for termite damage, place baits in the ground and close to structures to kill termite populations. Don’t wait until your walls are collapsing to get them checked.

Termite bait box showing termites feeding

Pest control outside your Newcastle home

We spray the yard, the fence line, footpaths, driveways, eaves, all exterior areas of dwelling, pergolas, sheds, garages, storage areas and any other place where bugs, spiders and other undesirable creatures might like to congregate at your place.

Garden spider

Pest control in your roof

When treating your roof we can apply a residual permetherin powder for cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, and spiders, we can also install rodent baits, or monitoring blocks, which are placed in the roof void areas to monitor or eradicate rodent problems.

Termite workings and damage to the roof void timbers

Pest control in your Sub-floor

Subfloor areas can be treated using a liquid insecticide or a residual insecticide applied to all underfloor areas and the edges of the subfloor, pests controlled range from cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish etc. if your home is on a concrete slab, or has a semi sealed under house area, we can treat via the weep holes.

Missing ant capping

Pest control under your house

If your house is raised off the ground on pillars or poles then there will typically be a large open air cavity under the house. This is a great place for all sorts of pests to setup up residence such as bees, wasps, ants and spiders.

Large bee nesting under dwelling

Pest control in the ground under your home

For long term termite control, we can install termite monitoring and eradication stations in the ground around structures and your home, chemical barriers can also be installed to concrete edges and subfloor areas.

Exterra termite baiting station

Our pest treatment solutions are environmentally sensitive and are always applied in accord with the Australian standards’, and we use the appropriate amount of pesticides for protection without creating undesirable runoff or residue.

Our trained and qualified staff are professional and will look for possible sources of your pest problems to ensure the best possible outcome as well as treating the pests.

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